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Description of Form Excel or Word PDF or Other
Application to Drill, Recomplete or Reenter
Note: Do not fill in API Number on this form
1000.XLSX 1000.PDF
OCC Bottom Hole Calculations Bottom Hole Calculator
ATTENTION: Freshwater Usage Permits - Oklahoma Water Resource Board Surface Water
Ground Water
Application To Drill Deep Anode Ground bed 1000B.XLS 1000B.PDF
Application to Conduct Seismic Operations 1000S.XLS 1000S.PDF
Notification of Intention to Plug 1001.XLSX 1001.PDF
Notification of Well Spud 1001A.XLS 1001A.PDF
Completion Report 1002A.XLSX 1002A.PDF
Confidential Filing of Electric Logs 1002B.XLS 1002B.PDF
Cementing Report (to accompany the Completion Report) 1002C.XLS 1002C.PDF
Plugging Record 1003/1003C.XLSX 1003/1003C.PDF
Notice of Temporary Exemption from Plugging 1003A.XLSX 1003A.PDF
Monthly Unallocated Natural Gas Production Report
(Mailout of Form 1004 Ended 1-1-2019)
For Information Call 405-522-1123
1004.XLS 1004.PDF
Online Reporting Signup Guide  <*** 1004 Gas Report ***> Online Reporting Signup Guide.pdf
Manual Online Entry Guide  <*** 1004 Gas Report ***> Manual Online Entry Guide.pdf
Report Importing Guide  <*** 1004 Gas Report ***> Report Importing Guide.pdf
Surety Bond for Oil & Gas Wells Operators 1006.DOC 1006.PDF
Financial Statement for Oil & Gas Well Operators (2018) 1006A.doc 1006A.PDF
Operator's Agreement To Plug Oil, Gas, and Service Wells Within The State Of Oklahoma 1006B.DOC 1006B.PDF
Operator's Agreement To Close Recycling/Reclaiming Facility 1006BR-A.DOC 1006BR-A.PDF
Bond or Irrevocable Letter of Credit (for closure and reclamation of recycling/reclaiming facility) 1006BR-B.DOC 1006BR-B.PDF
Operators Agreement to Close, Reclaim and Remediate Truck Wash Pit(s) 1006BT-A.doc 1006BT-A.pdf
Bond or Irrevocable Letter of Credit (Truck Wash Pit) 1006BT-B.doc 1006BT-B.pdf
Letter Of Credit for Oil & Gas Well Operators 1006C.XLSX 1006C.PDF
Certificate Of Deposit for Oil & Gas Well Operators 1006CD.DOC 1006CD.PDF
Operator's Agreement to Close and Reclaim a Commercial Drilling Mud Disposal Pit Within The State of Oklahoma 1006CMPA.DOC 1006CMPA.PDF
Bond or Irrevocable Letter of Credit for Closure and Reclamation of Commercial Pit(s) 1006CMPB.DOC 1006CMPB.PDF
Bond or Letter of Credit for Commercial Soil Farming 1006CSF.DOC 1006CSF.PDF
Commerical Soil Farming Operator's Agreement 1006CSFA.DOC 1006CSFA.PDF
Affidavit of Well Plugging Cost for Oil & Gas Well Operators 1006D.DOC 1006D.PDF
Operator's Agreement to Plug Seismic Shot Holes with the State of Oklahoma 1006S.DOC 1006S.PDF
Surety Bond for Seismic Operations and Plugging Within The State Of Oklahoma 1006SB.DOC 1006SB.PDF
Minimum Gas Well Report 1007A.XLS 1007A.PDF
Application for Canceled Underage 1010.XLS 1010.PDF
Multi-Zone Lease Runs Report 1011.XLS 1011.PDF
Annual Fluid Injection Report 1012.XLS 1012.PDF
Commercial Disposal Well Fluid Disposal Report 1012C.XLS 1012C.PDF
Reservoir Dewatering - Excessive Water Exemption Affidavit - Reservoir Dewatering Oil Spacing Unit 1013.XLS 1013.PDF
Application for Permit to Use Earthen Pit 1014.XLSX 1014.PDF
Commercial Mud Disposal Annual Report 1014A.XLS 1014A.PDF
Chain of Custody Record/Analysis Request 1014C.XLS 1014C.PDF
Compliance Agreement 1014CA.XLS 1014CA.PDF
Application for Commercial Soil Farming 1014CS.XLS 1014CS.PDF
Application for Construction of Commercial Recycling Facilities 1014CR.XLS 1014CR.PDF
Application for Surface Discharge 1014D.XLS 1014D.PDF
Application for Flow Back Water Pit in Excess of 50,000 Barrels
(less than 100,000)
1014F.XLS 1014F.PDF
Notice of Surface Discharge of Hydrostatic Test Water 1014HD.XLS 1014HD.PDF
Surface Owner Permission for Land Application 1014L.XLS 1014L.PDF
Designation of Land Application Agent 1014LA.XLS 1014LA.PDF
Land Application - Letter of Credit 1014LC.DOC 1014LC.PDF
Application for Commercial Pit Construction 1014N.XLS 1014N.PDF
Annual Report for Surface Discharge 1014P.XLS 1014P.PDF
Post-Land Application Report 1014R.XLS 1014R.PDF
Permit to Use Reclaimed Water From Department of Environmental Quality Authorized Facilities in Oil & Gas Operations 1014RW.XLSX 1014RW.PDF
Land Application - Surety Bond 1014SB.DOC 1014SB.PDF
Application for Land Application 1014S.XLS 1014S.PDF
Application for Truck Wash Pit Permit 1014T.xls 1014T.pdf
Application for Waste Oil or Drill Cuttings Use by County Commissioners 1014W.XLSX 1014W.PDF
Application for Waste Oil or Drill Cuttings Use by Operators 1014X.XLS 1014X.PDF
Application for Administrative Approval to Dispose of or Inject Water into Wells 1015.XLSX 1015.PDF
Application for Permit for Simultaneous Injection Well 1015SI.XLSX 1015SI.PDF
Application for Injection of Reserve Pit Fluids 1015T.XLS 1015T.PDF
Back Pressure Test for Natural Gas Wells (Rev 3-22-2017)                      Required Version 1016.XLSX 1016.PDF
Form 1016 Allowable Overview 1016 Form Allowables Overiew.PDF
Guymon-Hugoton Field Gas Well Deliverability Tests 1017.XLS 1017.PDF
Guymon-Hugoton Field Acreage Statement for Gas Wells 1019.XLS 1019.PDF
Application For Certification Under The Recycling, Reuse of Deleterious Substances 1020A.XLS 1020A.PDF
Application for Priority Hardship Well Classification 1021.XLS 1021.PDF
Application for Limited Deviation from the Priority Gas Rules 1021A.XLS 1021A.PDF
Notice Of Intent To Mediate 1021B.XLS 1021B.PDF
Application to Flare or Vent Gas 1022.XLS 1022.PDF
Application to Operate Vacuum Pump 1022A.XLS 1022A.PDF
Application for Multiple Completion, Multi-choke Assembly or Commingle Completion 1023.XLS 1023.PDF
Packer Setting Affidavit 1024.XLS 1024.PDF
Packer Leakage Test 1025.XLS 1025.PDF
Application for Discovery Oil Allowable 1028.XLS 1028.PDF
Production or Potential Test 1029A.XLS 1029A.PDF
Application for Allowable Adjustment 1030.XLS 1030.PDF
Application for Pipe Pulling and Well Plugging License 1055.XLS 1055.PDF
Notice of Termination of Injection 1072.XLS 1072.PDF
Form 1073A-D Packet Cover Sheet and Instructions 2019 Form 1073A-D Packet Cover Sheet.DOC FORM 1073A-D Packet Cover Sheet.PDF
Application For Change of Operator on Orders of the Commission 1073A.DOCX 1073A.PDF
Notice of Application on Orders of the Commission 1073B.DOCX 1073B.PDF
Notice of Hearing on Orders of the Commission 1073C.DOCX 1073C.PDF
Operator Permitting Change of Operator, Appointment of Alternative Operator and/or Deletion of Designation of Operator on Orders of the Commission 1073D.DOCX 1073D.PDF
Required FILING FEES for Forms 1073A-D:
  1. $200.00
  2. the ORIGINAL
  3. FIVE (5) COPIES of the FORM(s)  When submitted for filing and pursuant to OAC-CRP 165:5-1-4(j)
  4. Notarized Affidavit of Mailing listing original respondents or Affidavit of Non-Mailing if applicant is sole responsible party.
  5. The Form 1073C is only necessary if Protest is expected.
  6. Mail the Form 1073A, B, C, D & Affidavit of Mailing to the following:  Oklahoma Corporation Commission, Attn:  Court Clerk, PO Box 52000, Oklahoma City, OK  73152-2000.
Notice of Transfer of Well Operatorship 1073.XLSX 1073.PDF
Transfer of Operatorship - Injection, Disposal and Commercial Disposal Wells 1073I.XLSX 1073I.PDF
Transfer of Operatorship - Multiple Wells * see "Cut & Paste Guide" 1073MW.XLSX 1073MW.PDF
Transfer of Operatorship - Injection, Disposal and Commercial Disposal Wells - Multiple Well * see "Cut & Paste Guide" 1073IMW.XLSX 1073IMW.PDF
* "Cut & Paste Guide" for the Form 1073MW or the Form 1073IMW Guide.PDF
Mechanical Integrity Test 1075.XLS 1075.PDF
Applications (Enhanced Recovery Project) for Gross Production Tax Exemption 1139.XLS 1139.PDF
Tax Rebate Incentive Program -
Instructions and Examples ( - Click Link)
Application for Sales Tax Exemption (Dewatering or Enhanced Recovery Project) 1535.XLSX 1535.PDF
Certificate Of Record Search (CRS) Request CRS Request.XLS CRS Request.PDF
Application for Investigation and/or Abatement of Seeping Natural Gas 3000NGS.XLS 3000NGS.PDF
New Spill Discharge Report Form OGSDR Form
Frac Focus Form FDFEE.xls FDFME.pdf
Frac Notice Form FNFED.xls  
Well Completions Protocol (Expires 3-31-2018) Protocol-1
Well Completions Protocol (Effective 4-1-2018) Protocol-2
Well Completions AOI Shape File SHAPEFILE
Hydraulic Fracturing Impact Report 4000WIP.xls  
Hydraulic Fracturing Impact Report Instructions Instructions for Impact Well Form
Information on Base of Treatable Water BTW Info

UIC Orders Forms

 Available in Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat Formats

Description Of Form Word Doc PDF
2019 Operator's Guide to Filing UIC Forms UICFORMSGUIDE
Affidavit Of Mailing - Application For Authority To Inject/Dispose Of Saltwater AFFMAILDIS06.DOC AFFMAILDIS06.PDF
Administrative Exception - Cementing Above Perforation In Injection/Disposal Wells EXCEPUB06.DOC EXCEPUB06.PDF
Affidavit Of Mailing - Administrative Exception To Cementing Above Perforation In Injection/Disposal Wells AFFMAILEXP06.DOC AFFMAILEXP06.PDF
Notice - Administratively Approve The Amendment Of An Existing Order Authorizing Disposal/Injection Wells AMENDPUB06.DOC AMENDPUB06.PDF
Notice - Administratively Authorize The Approval Of Injection/Disposal Of Saltwater in a Commercial Well DISPPUBCOMM06.DOC DISPPUBCOMM061.PDF
Notice - Administratively Authorize The Approval Of Injection/Disposal Of Saltwater in a Non-Commercial Well DISPPUBNONCOMM06.DOC DISPPUBNONCOMM061.PDF
Request - An Exception To The Rule On Permitting Of A Disposal/Injection Well EXCEPTION TO RULE06.DOC EXCEPTION TO RULE06.PDF
Notice - Request To Permit A Well To Dispose/Inject NOTICE EXCEPTION06.DOC NOTICE EXCEPTION06.PDF
RBCA (Risk-Based Corrective Action)Report RBCA REPORT.DOC RBCA REPORT.PDF